Accessing art in a time when it can be seen but not touched!

As an artist working in three-dimensional pieces that don’t always represent well in two-dimensional representations, I have always found favorable interactions through public displays. The ability to touch the visual and tactile senses of carved works is an essential element in sharing them and inviting new homes for my art.

The advent of the global pandemic has impacted the ability to share beyond the photographic representation and I invite those who have the expressed desire to investigate and explore any of these works to contact me. I can share additional information, images and context for any queries you may have.

Remain strong , safe and be well,


Published by docswan1

I have always been the creative type from my early days exploring playwriting, music composition, painting, woodworking and sculpture. From running a community theatre, producing dramatic and musical works, working in university theatre and serving on state arts councils and international festival committees, composing more than 80 musical works, and, more than 200 works of art, I continue to pursue the innovative, creative and spiritually inspired nature of human identity. As an educator for the past 40 years, it is a pleasure to engage and celebrate the energy and diversity of the human experience.

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